Tailored coaching

Tailored coaching for:

  • Personal Development - leadership, time management, change management and so on
  • Business Writing - improve your writing and receive great feedback from a qualified writing professional   
  • Speed Reading - three hours to change your life

Sometimes a training course is not the best solution. Busy schedules may not allow staff the time to take a day or more out of the organization, while some simply must remain on the job. Others have development needs which require an individual and personal approach. If this is you then our highly flexible coaching service is for you. Individual attention at a time and place to suit you.

We offer coaching by a mix of e-mail, phone and face to face contact, a truly flexible service. And we offer this over one or two intense sessions or shorter ones over a few weeks. The choice is yours.

Personal Development Coaching

Business Writing Coaching

Speed Reading Coaching

Need to build your confidence? Perhaps you, want to manage your stress better? Or perhaps it's time to assess your future career options? Is there a particular work or life issue you want to tackle? Or do you need to overcome a phobia such as giving a presentation or flying?

Using a combination of NLP, personal coaching and hypnotherapy - we can help you to move forward with confidence. Contact us to find out more.

Excellent, accurate writing is fundamental to your people's professionalism and your organisation's image.

These days it's through our writing - emails, blogs and websites - that we often make our very first impression.

Because of this, we all need to be able to produce cogent, well-argued reports; emails which are read and acted upon; letters which project the appropriate tone and style - the list is endless.

Unfortunately, many highly intelligent business people let themselves down by making simple grammatical errors. Contact us to help you 'write it right'.

It's easy and quick to double your reading speed - and it really will change your life.

Read this article first to find out more, then contact us for your ticket to paperwork bliss.

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