Here is a selection of articles, ideas and materials we have written for you to download and use. All we all we ask for is an acknowledgement of our copyright if you use anything in your own company or with other people. Some of these are large files and take a moment to download - please be patient.

The Ideal Job?
Find out what you really want from work that you're not getting now!

Virtual Communication in Business
Handling e-mails, phone and fax.

Speed Reading - Learn How, it's Easy.
'Cut your paperwork in half - learn to Speed Read'.

Winning and Losing
Exploring the Pros and Cons of Competition.

Report Writing
A tried, tested and successful approach.

All in Good Time - Teaching timing
To teach time management skills effectively, you must recognize that habits are hard to break.

Training Objectives using SMART.

SMART is how you check your objectives will work. Not a way to set them.Read this to find out why.

Watch this space - more coming soon

Recruiting an External Training Consultant:
What kinds of consultancies should you approach for a particular type of training? How do you know if they are going to provide you with the best job at the right price? In what can sometimes feel like a minefield, we guide you safely through the choices available.

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