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Learn to speed read—take control

Drowning in reports, emails, articles, magazines and general 'bumf'? Feel like you're out of control and you'll never catch up? Then it's time to learn to read more effectively - and at least twice as fast.

Almost everyone - including many dyslexics - can double his or her speed of reading and maintain at least equal (and probably higher) comprehension. It's easy and very quick to learn. In just a few hours you can take back control of your paperwork.

Read this article to find out more. We run public and in-house courses. Act now—change your life.


Write it right—try our quick quiz

Is it (a) or is it (b)?

  1. Do you (a) diffuse or (b) defuse a difficult situation?
  2. Does a warm sunny day have a positive (a) affect or (b) effect on people's wellbeing?
  3. Would a concert pianist (a) practice or (b) practise before a performance?


Not sure? It's (b) in every case. If you got any of them wrong and you don't know why, then you're the right candidate for some tailored business writing training or coaching. Contact us to find out more.


Surprisingly, it is often those who are best at communicating face to face who find it most difficult to express their ideas when it comes to putting them down on paper. Our courses and tailored coaching make it easy and enjoyable to overcome the many barriers that make business writing difficult. We cover everything—from emails to reports, from minutes to dissertations and from copy-editing to proofreading.

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